The First African Church Mission

(Est. 1891)

Mission Headquarters

5-9 Phoenix Lane, off Broad Street Tinubu, Lagos - Nigria.


(Formerly Known as Communion of African Churches)

Temporary Secretariat

c/o The United African Methodist Church (Eleja) Premises 17, Jebba Street (West), Ebute-Metta Lagos

Member Churches

The First African Church Mission Inc., (Estd.1891)

Secretariat: 5-9, Phoenix Lane, Tinubu, Lagos

The African Church Organization (Estd.1901)

Secretariat: 12, Odunlami Street, Lagos. P.O. Box 2846, Marine Lagos.

The African Episcopa Church (Estd.1903)

P.O. Box 115, Lagos

The United African Methodist Church (Eleja),
(Estd. 1919)

Secretariat: No. 76,AdenijiAdele Road, Lagos.

Current Executive Committee Members of the Communion

  1. His Eminence, The Most (Dr.) E.O.A.Odufale (Jp)        – President
  2. His Eminence, The Most (Dr.) S. 0.Matilukuro (Jp)      – Vice President
  3. His Eminence, The Most (Dr.)Abbe (Jp)                      – Vice President
  4. His Eminence, J.Ade Oja-Oba     – Vice President
  5. Vacant                                       – General Secretary
  6. The                                            – Gen. Secretary
  7. Chief O.Akintola                         – Treasurer
  8. Mrs. OluyemisiAyo-Oshodi        – Legal Adviser
  9. Elder Chief U.Omaenikun          – Fin. Secretary
  10. Ayo Bada                                  – Joint Auditor
  11. Tola Akinwande                         – Joint Auditor
  12. Obadimu                                   – Publicity Secretary
  13.                                                   – Welfare Officer
  14. O. I. Gooding                               – Welfare Officer
  15. Rev’d Lekan Adekunjo              – Welfare Officer
  16. Rev’d A.Makinde                         – Welfare Officer
  17. Elder (Sis.) Toyin Edebor            – Welfare Officer
  18. Bunmi Ojo                                 – Welfare Officer
  19. Rev’d. Ogunbowale                    – Welfare Officer
  20. Oridota                                      – Welfare Officer
  21. Elder Olu Ayopo (Jp)                  – Ex-Officio

Past Principal Officers of the Communion

1st President               – Mojola Agbebi
1st General Secretary  – Eld K. Coker

Object of the Union

The Universal Communion of African Church (Formerly known as the Communion of African Churches (COAC) was established in 1913 with the object to discuss and decide among other things, matters affecting all Churches in the African Communion and to provide for United action in all matters of interest.


All Churches eligible to join the Communion includes “All African Churches of Origin and African Management wishing to subscribe to the object of the Union.

Basis of the Communion

Each member of the Communion shall subscribe to the following:

  1. The Divine inspiration, authority and sufficiency of the Holy Scriptures
  2. The right and duty of private judgement in the interpretation of the Holy Scripture
  3. The Unity and Trinity of persons in the God Head
  4. The depravity of human nature in consequence of the
  5. The incarnation of the Son of God,, His work of atonement for sinners and His mediational intercession and
  6. The Justification of the sinner by faith alone
  7. The work of the Holy Spirit in the conversions of the sinner
  8. The immortality of the Soul, the resurrection of the righteous and future punishment of the of the wicked.
  9. The Divine Institution of the Christian Ministry and the obligation and perpetudity of the ordinance of Water Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

Main activities of the Communion

  1. United Revival Conventions
  2. Annual Carol Service
  3. Annual Community Harvest
  4. United African Lads and Lasses Brigade
  5. African Communion of Women Auxiliary Association Activities
  6. Served as a Court of Appeal for disputes between factions within the


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